AP English Literature and Composition

Mrs. Christina Baker
English Language Arts
2014-15 School Year

Course Description

English IV AP is a college‑level course focusing on the interpretation and evaluation of literature through discussion and writing. Students are required to complete summer reading assignments. During the school year, much of the reading and writing is completed outside of class.

Please click HERE to gain access to our Google Community for lessons, assignments, resources, and reminders. This community is the main hub for information for this course. 


This month our Lit. Crit. UIL team has participated in two online meets.
In the first meet three of our students placed. Emma Brown and Olivia Oliver tied for 2nd place. Jillian Moloney placed 8th. 
This last weekend on February 21, two members of the Literary Criticism team participated in a UIL Invitational. One member, Olivia Oliver, placed 3rd in the competition. Way to go cougars!

AP Summer Reading

There is a required AP Literature and Composition Summer assignment. It is due on the first day of school for the 2014-2015 school year. 

If you didn't receive copies of the assigned texts, secure your own copy. Be sure to acquire the Burton Raffel translation of each text. 

Summer Reading

Be sure to work on the summer reading assignment throughout the summer. It is due on the first day of school. It's contents, along with expected information to have been mastered in AP English Language and Composition, will be assessed during the first week of school.