Preparing For Weather Delays or Cancellations

Every year around this time, we may face a situation where schools may have to close due to extreme weather. We know that it would be ideal to hear the night before for school cancellations, but we carefully consider every variable before making the cancellation call.
How do districts decide if school gets 'canceled'?
Several factors influence the decision to cancel school including:
-Road Conditions: School district officials begin driving and checking the road conditions at 3:00 am. This helps to determine if students, staff, and families can travel safely on the roads to school. FSHISD also works with JBSA to identify road conditions.
-School Transportation: Each school may also review its bus schedules to see if elementary and secondary bus schedules can still be coordinated without major delays.
-Power & Water: The maintenance department reviews all district buildings' electricity and water availability. Freezes may impact pipes or disrupt the power grid.
-Area Impacts: If one neighboring district has issues, a domino effect may occur, and subsequent school districts may jointly follow suit. (At FSHISD, we also serve a small population of students from Randolph ISD and Lackland ISD.)
When will we be notified?
The decision to cancel school is not done lightly. Weighing these factors, a decision is usually made around 4:30 - 5:00 am. Once a district has canceled school, a blast is made out to parents & staff, and updates will be posted on the district website and social media. Further updates will be communicated as well.
We understand that school closures can disrupt routines and plans for our students, families, and staff. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during these situations!
Stay connected for any further updates, and thank you for being part of our school community!