Incredible Message from Cole Sophomore

" Another memorable service I took part in ... was the funeral for a homeless veteran that had passed away and was being interred at Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery, just down the road from Robert G Cole High School. I was only there to take pictures, but even so, I felt it was my job to honor this homeless veteran. It made me realize how underappreciated veterans are today. That veteran, who had served in the Vietnam War and came back home, was being buried without a single family member or relative at his funeral. All that was known about him was his name, and the war he fought in. I don't believe that there is a single person who wants to leave this world this way, without any family near, but we tried to honor him as well as we could. So when it was my turn to pay my respects, I stood with a firm salute for as long as I could without bothering the ones next in line, and then joined my fellow cadets as we got ready to head back to school. I can honestly say that I learned something from that experience, and it has helped shape me as a cadet, as a citizen, and as a person."

Great job, Phoenix! And thanks for sharing!