Cole Partners with National Math + Science Initiative

With generous support from the Department of Defense Education Agency (DoDEA), this year Robert G. Cole High School has begun participation in the National Math and Science Initiative’s College Readiness Program—a comprehensive three-year program designed to boost academic achievement in college-level math, science and English coursework. The National Math and Science Initiative (NMSI) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to transforming math and science education in today’s classrooms with proven, effective programs that can be replicated nationwide. This helps military connected children transfer their success from one school to the next.

Cole joins a network of more than 1,000 schools nationwide that have adopted the innovative program, which is dramatically increasing the number of students succeeding in rigorous Advanced Placement® coursework in math, science and English and transforming schools into centers of college readiness. The program’s elements of success include extensive teacher training, extra time on task for students during Saturday study sessions, exam fees, classroom equipment and supplies, and awards for achievement.


Saturday, October 14, 2017 marks an exciting time for Cole’s Advanced Placement (AP) and Dual Credit (DC) English, Math and Science students. October 14 is the first of nine student study sessions available to students in this program. Each subject has three student study sessions available. Click this link to get more information on upcoming study sessions.

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