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What is the school's main telephone number?
The main number for Cole High School is (210) 368-8730.
What kind of bell schedule does Cole follow?
Cole HighSchool operates on a flexible modular schedule. Core courses meet every day, while some other classes may meet fewer than 5 days a week to allow students flexible time to get intervention, acceleration or time to explore passions. 
How many credits are needed for graduation?
Because of recent changes in graduation requirements, the number of credits and the specific classes needed for graduation depends on your anticipated year of graduation. Students who entered the 9th grade during the 2007-2008 school year (or later) need a minimum of 26 credits. Students who entered before then need 22 credits.
Are there any state tests I need to pass to be promoted or graduate?
All students must pass the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness, otherwise known as STAAR tests, for Algebra I, Biology, English I, English II and United States History to earn a high school diploma. Students first have the opportunity to pass the STAAR exam in the spring of the year enrolled in the named class and have multiple chances to pass it. For more information see the Texas Education Agency site on STAAR.
Will my credits transfer easily?
Because our counselors are empathetic to the needs of the military child, every effort is made to assure that all credits transfer to Cole. In most cases, all credits are applied towards graduation.
Do you offer any AP classes?
Cole offers a wide variety of Pre-AP and AP classes for our students. We offer these advanced classes in all four core academic areas.
What extracurricular activities do you offer?
Cole offers multiple opportunities for students to be involved outside the classroom. In fact, most Cole students excel in several extracurricular areas. Links to our athletic offerings can be found HERE.
I was already a cheerleader/varsity band member/Student Council member in my previous school. Will I have the opportunity to do those things at Cole?
At Cole, we want to honor your achievements and commitments that you have made at your previous school. In most cases, if you successfully auditioned for an activity at your previous school, that position would be honored at Cole.
How will I make new friends?
Bear in mind that, while Cole is a public school, almost every student at Cole is a military dependent, and has been the "new kid" before. Because of this, our students are very welcoming and accepting and we find that new students have no trouble finding their place at Cole.
The main number for Cole Middle and High School is (210) 368-8730.
The main number for the Cole High School Receptionist is (210) 368-8733.
The main number for the Cole Middle School Receptionist is (210) 368-8729.