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Battalion Activity

Introduction Of Leadership Positions
With the leadership application deadline coming up and the Change of Command Ceremony just around the corner, our Battalion Commander wants to make sure that every cadet who applying for leadership is prepared and knowledgeable of that position and fully aware of what their applying for and what better way then to talk to those cadets who have held them. During periods 1st, 4th, 6th, and 7th all primary staff and command teams spoke to the companies about their positions, pros, cons, and lessons learned. 
UTSA College Trip
Recently our one and only Senior Army Instructor, Colonel LaChance, took a selected amount of students from the junior class on a UTSA college trip. There the students learned about the opportunities available to them as well as the scholarships that are out there. The students went on a campus tour and were shown presentations involving finical aid, ROTC programs, and campus living. In the picture below you can see our SAI signing his name, along with others, on a poster, recognizing and thanking the fire fighters for all they have done. 
2018 Promotion Commanders and First Sergeants
The cadets that applied for Commanders and First Sergeants were promoted to their new ranks after waiting to make sure their schedules work with the position they applied for. For this promotion they had to fill out a leadership application and get 3 recommendations from teachers. Here are the company Commanders and First Sergeants for 2018-2019 with the support of parents and staff.
Corps Day 2018

This event is where the companies come and show their abilities as a company to overcome the challenges they face. Most of the challenges are sports but this year we added a new challenge which was the drill competition. All the companies showed teamwork and the effort to win the Corps Day streamer. As the day came to an end, the staff had to count up the points for each company to come in conclusion with the final winner which was Echo company.

Veterans Day Assembly 2018
This event is hosted by the JROTC program to thank all of our veterans and give them recognition. We had guests, speakers, to talk about their experiences and achievements in life. Fort Sam Houston Elementary joined us in this assembly to have the kids give out flags and letters to those retired.
Military Ball 2019
The JROTC program hosts a military ball at FSH community center, in this event is where awards and recognitions are given to cadets as well as companies. At end there is some entertainment and dancing. Every year it is a memorable moment for the cougar battalion. Thank you.
Black History Month Assembly
The JROTC and LCDC program participates black history month by hosting an assembly. The culinary assisted by serving African American food.