2018 KSAT Visit
The Cougar Battalion was honored to be chosen as one of Fort Sam Houston Independent School District's "Cool Schools" over Middle School JS2S and Elemntary School Student Council. Since the Cougar Battalion won the Cool School competition, KSAT decided to visit the Cougar Battalion. In honor of the Cougar Battalion being chosen as the Cool School, KSAT visited our school during a JROTC pep rally. Afterwards, KSAT interviewed selected cadets and got an inside look to how the Battalion runs. We were honored to be chosen as the Cool School, and the KSAT covering of our Cool School will air sometime this month.

2018 Cougar Battalion Drill Competition

The Cougar Battalion annually its very own Drill Competition. This is a competition between the companies demonstrating who has the best guidon, squad, and company when it comes to marching. This year we've added our new found Detachments to the mix. The overall winner of the event was Bravo Company. All who participated marched to their fullest potential and everyone had a good time. Even though the event was intended to be a competition, the event showed how the Battalion has improved and in the end becoming a single working force.

2018 Military Ball
Our JROTC Program annually hosts a Military Ball. This event is held highly and is one of the most talked about soirees next to Prom. If you're not a cadet, you want to be invited to it. The ball last from 5:45pm to 11pm and food is provided. At the ball we give out awards and recognitions to the cadets who have worked hard for their good grades as well as the two cadets who have earned the "Iron Man" and "Iron Women" arch, that was determined by our recent Cadet Challenge. The Battalion also chooses from our list of seniors in the corps, voting upon who will be the King and Queen. Not only do we do this but we also acknowledge those stand out personality cadets and present them with superlative shashes, varying from "Most likely to turn left on a right face" or "Drama Queen". Once after the formal part of the Ball is over our cadets get to "get down" on the dance floor and show us what they're all about.
Results of our JPA Inspection
As you may know the Cougar Battalion has been working for weeks on end and dedicating countless hours in perfecting ourselves for our upcoming JPA inspection. (JPA standing for JROTC Program of Accreditation.) The JPA inspection determines whether or not a school may preserve their rights of having the Gold Star, signifying excellence, found on every cadets uniform. As of January 25th, 2018 the battalion underwent this vigorous inspection and we are ecstatic to announce that out of a possible 200 points, the Cougar Battalion scored an astounding 199, this being the highest points a JROTC Program has scored in 18 years! We are extremely proud of how hard our cadets have worked and commend them on this. We hope to keep this tradition up for our next oncoming inspections years to come.
Promo Boards
These cadets got selected by their commanders and first sergeants to go up for promotion boards. The cadets had to coming in early for the board. When cadets go up for boards they have to recite the cadet creed and answer mandatory, current event questions and also get their uniform inspected. If the cadet gets enough points for the rank they went up for the cadets get promoted.
Color guard
October 13th 2018
In this competition against Wagner High School, Varsity color guard which is Alyssa Moradel American flag, Michael Vidal Texas flag, Lily Philpot guard, Franchesca Tinacba guard placed 2nd. Junior Varsity which is Sydney Smaljohann, Maricah Frank, Camilla Castillo, Mia Cancino placed 7th.
In this meet with John F. Kennedy High School, the team scored an impressive 963 points out of a possible 1200 to take 3rd place in the match. The Cole hot shot of the match was Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Joshua Torres who posted a personal best score of 267 out of 300. The marksmanship team's will take on the Manville Sportsman's Rod and Gun Club from Rhode Island later this week. Congratulations to all team members.
Thank You Raising Cane's!
On December 14th 2018, Raising Cane's helped us raise money for our school. Thank you for this fundraiser. 
2018 KSAT Visit
The Cougar Battalion was honored to be chosen as the "Cool School" program of the Fort Sam Houston Independent School District. The Cougar Battalion was able to beat the Elementary Student Council and the Middle School S2S. In honor of being chosen as a cool school, the whole school had a pep rally to for the Cougar Battalion. The KSAT recording of the pep rally and subsequent interviews with cadets will air sometime this month.