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Welcome to the Cole Middle and High School Registrar's Webpage.

Our registrar can assist with:
- transcripts to colleges for our seniors and former students
- withdrawing students who are leaving Cole and getting their records ready to send to their new school
- registering new students and requesting records for these students 
Current Students - come to the office and pick up a Transcript Request Form

Former Students - You will need to order your transcript online through our School Store. 

Go to MY SCHOOL STORE   (It's on the 2nd page) 


You can mail a check or money order w/the Transcript Request Form (see to the right) to:

Robert G. Cole High School

Attn:  Registrar 

4001 Winans Road

San Antonio, TX  78234


You can come by the office in person to fill out the form and pay w/cash, check or money order


You will need to provide the following items to register:
  • Birth Certificate
  • Social Security Card
  • Immunizations
  • Proof of Residence - Hunt Housing lease if new renter, or current Minol or SAWS utility bill;                                   We can not accept offer letters
  • Any Legal Documents
  • School Records 
2022-2023 Registration Dates:  
July 25 - Aug 09 Registration (by appointment) with New to FSHISD Families  - You will come in to meet with the counselor and bring your registration documents (BC, SS, Proof of Residence, Immunizations, School Records, etc) - Appointments are approximately 30-45 minutes long
Aug 15  First Day of School 
Aug 15 - May 2023 Registration for new students by appointment only
If you live on base or are moving to base (and you have your Hunt Housing Lease Agreement - We can not take Housing Offers), you can start the registration paperwork online.  If you are staying at one of the hotels on base, you will need to provide a hotel bill/paid statement showing the dates of your stay.  We can not accept a letter from the hotel that just states the start of the stay.
Go to    You will create a SchoolMint Account.  IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU REMEMBER YOUR USER NAME AND PASSWORD because you will use the same UN and PW each year to re-register.  After you've completed the online portion of our registration, please call the high school office 210-368-8730.  We'll get you an appointment to come in and meet with one of our counselors.
If you do not live on base:
If you have questions about our Non-Resident Transfer Program, click  HERE.
We do take NRT students as room allows.  Everything you will need to get started in the NRT process you will find at the link above.  There you will find the link for SchoolMint.  You will create a SchoolMint account at .  When you put your address in it will take you directly to the NRT application if your address isn't on base.   You will hear directly from the district office about your NRT status. 
If you have any questions, please call the campus at 210-368-8730. 
Have a great Cole day!




 Fort Sam Houston ISD

Student Registration Fact and Information Sheet

Welcome to the Fort Sam Houston Independent School District! We are honored that you have chosen

to enroll your child in our schools and look forward to working with you to ensure your child has an

exceptional academic and extracurricular experience here at Fort Sam Houston ISD.

The items listed below will be requested at the time of enrollment:


Proof of residency within District boundaries

The District will accept a gas bill, water bill, electric bill, or a lease agreement in the parent or

guardian’s name as proof of residency within district boundaries.


Birth certificate

A birth certificate is used only for verifying the student’s legal name, date of birth, and the

parent’s name.



The law requires that students be fully vaccinated against the specified diseases. For a list,

please see the Fort Sam Houston ISD website at Students enrolling in the

District for the first time must provide evidence of required immunizations. All immunizations

should be completed by the first day of attendance. Please contact the school nurse for

information or assistance with immunization requirements.


Social Security card

The Texas Education Agency asks us to collect the student’s Social Security Number for school

purposes. This information will be kept confidential.


Last report card/withdrawal form from previous school (if applicable)

Providing access to these documents helps us to place your child in the appropriate grade level,

courses or programs. For grades 9 – 12, a copy of the latest transcript.


Any legal documentation pertaining to your student (if applicable)

Examples of these documents may include Power of Attorney, custody orders, restraining

orders, or other legal documents.


Enrolling parent’s driver’s license and military ID

The Texas Education Agency in its Student Accounting Handbook requires that we record

information from the enrolling parent’s driver’s license and military ID. This information is

considered confidential and will be used to verify identity.

As part of the registration process, you will also be asked to complete several forms in SchoolMint to ensure we can

contact you, can secure your child’s educational records from their previous school, and know your

preferences in response to several questions.


Student Enrollment

This form provides important information about your student, how we contact you, any special

programs your child might need, other siblings, and emergency contact information.


Authorization to Secure School Records

Completion of this form expedites the process to secure your child’s educational records from

your previous school. In Texas, schools have 10 days from the date of notice to provide this

information to the new school.


Ethnicity and Race Data Questionnaire

The United States Department of Education requires all state and local education institutions to

collect data on ethnicity and race for students and staff. This information is used for state and

federal accountability reporting as well as for reporting to the Office of Civil Rights and the Equal

Employment Opportunity Commission. If the ethnicity form is not completed, school personnel

will be left to determine the student’s ethnicity and race.


Emergency Care Authorization and Food Allergy Information

In an effort to provide safe, informed care for your child at school, each year Fort Sam Houston

ISD requires updated health information as part of student enrollment. Fort Sam Houston ISD

keeps all medical information about your child confidential as required by the Family

Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and other applicable laws. However, health

information about your child will be communicated to Fort Sam Houston ISD school personnel

who require the information to better serve your child. If your child has an acute or chronic

medical condition, or any medical changes occur during the school year, it is your responsibility

to notify the school nurse and update this information.


Home Language Survey

The State of Texas requires each school district to conduct a language background survey of all

students upon entrance into a public school. To comply with this mandate and better serve

your child, please complete this form for your child who is enrolling in Fort Sam Houston ISD for

the first time.


Student Residency Questionnaire

The information on this form is required to meet the law known as the McKinney‐Vento Act 42

U.S.C.11434a(2), which is also known as Title X, Part C, of the No Child Left Behind Act. The

answers you give will help Fort Sam Houston ISD determine the services the student may be

eligible to receive.


Family Survey

The U.S. Department of Education requires each school district to collect information to help

identify students whose parents work in seasonal agricultural or fishing employment.


Updated July 2023