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This month our Lit. Crit. UIL team has participated in two online meets.
In the first meet three of our students placed. Emma Brown and Olivia Oliver tied for 2nd place. Jillian Moloney placed 8th. 
This last weekend on February 21, two members of the Literary Criticism team participated in a UIL Invitational. One member, Olivia Oliver, placed 3rd in the competition. Way to go cougars!
Students are very engaged with rehearsing their Hamlet performances. Each student wrote a script, and now a few students act as directors to make those scripts come to life. 

Starting 2015 Fabulously!

This semester we have started of by writing scripts based on Shakespeare's Hamlet. Pretty soon we will be converting some of these scripts into their purpose: a video or live action scene. Stay posted for examples. 

Our reading students at the Encore! performance in October. Over the previous two weeks we read seven stories in preparation for this exciting, live performance. 
After weeks of researching the history of gingerbread to connect with English and World History classes, we created our final product...Medieval Gingerbread. It was very anticipated but didn't taste as good as we had hoped. Those Medieval folks sure did love pepper. The journey was great though. 

Here's a photo of my baby boy Gunnar Mateo for all of last year's students who might want to take a peek at him. 

Labor Day News

These students spent the first week of school learning about Labor Day. Once they knew all about the history, they decided the best way to celebrate was to give thanks. So here's the Labor Day News!

Who is Mrs. Baker anyway?

This is my sixth year of teaching, and I am loving it! I am a proud Cole graduate. I graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio in 2008 with a bachelor’s degree in English and teacher certification in English, Language Arts, and Reading for grades eight through twelve. I am currently working towards earning a M.A. in Educational Leadership for K-12 schools. And, this summer my husband and I welcomed our son, Gunnar Mateo, to the world. 

I love British literature, which is a benefit for the students since twelfth grade English focuses almost entirely on British literature. I believe that education should first and foremost be focused on what is best for the students. I specialize my teaching strategies for each class period based on the individual personality and needs of the students in that class. I encourage my students to provide feedback on their learning. I challenge each student in my classroom. My ultimate goal is to reach mastery of the material presented through engaging and student-centered instruction.