Welcome to my school webpage. Now that you are here I should probably tell you one very important fact: I won't use this page. Sorry, I know that may bother some of you. Sure, I'll post the syllabus and some of that administrative stuff here, but not much more than that. That said, you should know that I use the online tool Canvas in all of my classes. The link in the previous statement will take you to your login page. In the first week of school I will be enrolling all of my students in their corresponding Canvas classes, at which point you will get an email in your school email account with further directions. 
But why are we using Canvas, and not the far more ubiquitous Google Classroom? In truth, I have used Google Classroom extensively for years and it is a fantastic tool that is getting better all the time. That said, we use Canvas because it offers features not yet available or robust enough in Google Classroom. This is true for all of my classes
For my grade-level World History classes we will be using Canvas as a tool to promote self-guided exploration of the content. Some features of the class are listed below:
  • Students will have a quarter's worth of content available to them, which they can complete almost at their own pace. There are additional structures put in place to make sure students don't fall behind and to help students better track their progress. 
  • Students can complete an assignment multiple times in order to get the best grade possible.
  • Learning tasks are worth a certain number of points. It's simple and allows students to see how much they have mastered the content.
  • Each quarter will include a long-term project that is due by the end of the quarter dealing with the core content of each quarter and requiring students to demonstrate their level of content mastery.
To all my students, please visit your respective site for information, content, and tasks you need to complete. If you have any questions about any of this or have difficulty accessing either of the sites, please email me at mgorham@fshisd.net. You may also contact me through Canvas once you have been enrolled in your classes. Until then, I highly recommend you take a look at the webpages below. They can help you prepare to be successful from day 1!