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Damon Luckey
SPED Department
Robert G. Cole MS/HS
Ph: (210)368-8730
Philosophy of Education
“Lead from the front and success will follow.”

If a teacher leads from the front, they will set the example in education, motivate their students to learn, build resilience in times of defeat, and praise them in their successes. Leading from the front also exemplifies resisting the temptation to ask your students to do something you yourself are not willing to do. Leading from the front instills the fact that “Our teacher is in this with us and for us…” Therefore, if you lead from the front and motivate, educate, and facilitate the learning process, then success will follow.

I believe all students are capable of learning and effective teachers can reach every student. Students should not be thought of as mindless individuals just waiting to be filled with knowledge by their teachers. Quite the opposite; students should be viewed as individuals who can contribute to the classroom, sharing and gaining knowledge from each other. Teachers should guide students not lecture them. An education is not solely academic; the teacher must also educate their students mentally by teaching them the skills needed to solve problems and socially by teaching them the skills needed to communicate and work productively with others. Students must be able to function in the real world which not only requires academic knowledge, but social skills as well. I believe teachers should not be alone in educating students, but that parents, families and communities need to work together to support and enrich the lives of their children, who are the future.