"I love having a small-school environment with access to San Antonio's resources. Also, I love the support and 'can-do' or 'how can we help you be successful' attitude." - Mr. C.Z. Stollon, Cole Band Director
"I love working for FSHISD because of the culture of innovation built around our size and community. This is the first district that I have worked at that is not driven by test scores, but fostering deep and meaningful relationships with our military-connected students within learning environments dedicated to teaching real-world applicable knowledge and skills. We are also blessed to have a tech-rich district led by Dr. Rios and our incredible technology team. This provides a foundation of excellence where students are utilizing tools and digital resources/software that directly impact their success for post-secondary academics and beyond. Lastly, our admin team at Cole strives to listen to teachers, support their work in the classroom, and respond to the ever-changing educational landscape with innovative and timely decisions." - Mr. Wacey Tobler, Secondary Digital Coach