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Welcome for a great school year!  Our 7th-grade teachers are excited you are here.  In order to have the best year, we have included a couple of things here.  
First, we have included the supply school list.  However, the supply list at the bottom of the page is for when students return to the school building.  For remote (not including electives):

Remote Learning Supplies- 


Loose Leaf Paper

Folder for math

Composition book for P/AP History only 

Composition Book for Choir only


Second, included also on this page is the information students will receive about Cole's rules and expectations.  Included in this is an explanation of the OFI system and the items that are considered automatic OFI's.  Notice, these have not been updated for new COVID requirements. 
Lastly, students will be using Chromebooks in all classes and will be responsible this year for these.  Chromebooks will be needed to access online textbooks, Google Classroom, and other programs and apps for specific classes.  
Please make sure you check out the teacher pages and the district/school websites for additional information, including yearly schedules, syllabuses, athletics, cafeteria, and parent portal.  

TEAM 7 TUTORIAL SCHEDULE:  These times will be available through Flex on the school schedule. 

School Supply List - upon return

2 one inch three ring binders with pockets (Math, TX History)

1 package of wide ruled notebook paper

8 tab dividers

2 boxes of large Kleenex for homerooms

1 package of blue or black pens

2 packages of pencils

1 large eraser

1 package of colored pencils

1 sharpener

1 extra fine tip black Sharpie

5 Composition Journals (1 per subject - may need additional ones for semester 2)

1 set of headphones/earbuds

2 folders with brads and pockets

1 Expo (dry erase) marker

Personal hand sanitizer