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School Behavioral Health Program

The School Behavioral Health program (SBH) is a service provided by San Antonio Military Medical Center, in partnership with the Ft. Sam Houston Independent School District. 
SBH places a licensed Behavioral Health Provider (Psychologist) in your child's school who is an employee of SAMMC and fully credentialed by the hospital. Services available are individual, group and family therapy as well as group and classroom prevention services. Additionally, SBH works with your child's school support team, determining the best level of support within the school structure to enhance the ability to learn and sustain positive behavior. 
As a parent, you play an important role, therefore your participation in treatment and ongoing communication with your child's therapist will be necessary to ensure your child's success in this program. 
There are three forms below that must be completed and returned to the school nurse or your student's counselor. Once the paperwork is submitted the SBH psychologist will contact you to schedule an appointment. 
You can call the nurses or the counselors for any questions or to request a packet to be sent home with your child.