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The Corps of Cadets welcomes you to the Cougar Battalion web page. Established in 1968, the Cougar Battalion enjoys a storied tradition of professional excellence. This tradition is reflected in the gold star proudly worn upon the cadet uniform signifying the battalion’s designation as an Honor Unit with Distinction, an award reserved for only the highest performing Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) programs of the nearly 1700 programs worldwide. Located on Fort Sam Houston and comprised almost entirely of military dependent children, the sense and understanding of service, patriotism and honor is like no other JROTC program and is the reason why over one-third of the entire student body is enrolled. Cougar Battalion cadets are well-rounded students who actively participate in and lead every school activity, club, and athletic team on and off-campus. Their record scholastic achievement and leadership potential are widely known, earning battalion graduates 75 ROTC scholarships/appointments to our countries most prestigious institutions and service academies over the last ten years.


The JROTC program is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences a high school student can undertake. The JROTC is not simply an academic class; it’s a developmental program encompassing all aspects of citizenship, character, and leadership. The program focuses on building self-esteem, confidence, skills, and behaviors to become successful and productive students and citizens. Cadets are more than students; they are leaders who are preparing themselves for success in school and in life.  


Cadets will learn to: 


Exercise personal responsibility and accountability – Cadets will understand the importance of personal responsibility as a member of the team and as a U.S. Citizen. Cadets will explore values, ethical decision making that serves as the foundation of honorable leadership.

Contribute as a member of a team – Cadets will be afforded opportunities to lead in the classroom and as members of a team. Cadets will learn the importance of good followership in the performance of a team and as a leader.
Enhance critical thinking, oral and written communication capabilities – Cadets will be asked to challenge conventional thinking and methods in accomplishing tasks resolving challenges. Cadets will practice oral and written presentation skills as part of the core curriculum.
Improve physical fitness and emotional resiliency – Cadets will participate in individual and team physical fitness activities. The goal is to improve the level of individual fitness and understanding of healthy eating and fitness habits.  Cadets who excel in physical fitness as measured by the cadet challenge standards will be eligible for recognition. Cadets will also learn methods for improving emotional resiliency.
Understand the importance of and respect diversity – Cadets will learn that the power of the team lies in individual talents and contributions of a well-balanced and cohesive group working toward common objectives.
Build self-esteem, confidence, and pride – Cadets will be required to wear the cadet uniform at least once per week. The uniform teaches attention to detail, personal pride, and the responsibilities of wearing the Army uniform. Cadet promotions and the established award and recognition systems of JROTC encourage goal-setting behaviors, a sense of accomplishment, as well as, individual and unit pride.  
Establish/improve planning and goal-setting behaviors – Cadets will be required to set goals throughout their cadet experience and beyond high school. Cadets learn the importance of backward planning, initiative, perseverance, and personal responsibility in meeting goals.
The JROTC program is not a military preparation or recruitment program. While it is true that many cadets do go on to serve in the military, there is no obligation associated with participation in JROTC. This program’s purpose and intent are clearly articulated in the U.S. Army JROTC mission statement: To Motivate Young People to be Better Citizens. So if you want to have a lot of fun, build lasting friendships and learn valuable skills, JROTC is the program for you and there is no better program than the Cougar Battalion.     

The Cougar Battalion

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