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Welcome! English I is a freshman course that focuses on both reading and writing. We will be reading various novels, plays, poetry, short stories and expository text. The class will also include writing essays and short answer responses to questions.

  1. Overview

English I is a year long course.   This course will focus on various elements within literature as a whole and not focus on one specific region or genre.  Throughout the course the students will have an opportunity to study and analyze short stories, novels, poems and plays by various authors, as well as focusing on the writing process.

  1. Scope

The students will:

  1. Be responsible for completing class work, homework, tests and various projects.

  2. Compose written essays.

  3. Engage in various hands on projects.

  4. Be familiar with various literary devices.

  1. Materials

  1. Chromebook (if your child does not have one, an alternate assignment will be given)

  2. Pens, pencils, paper

  3. Composition book to be kept in class

IV.  Grading Policy

50%   Daily Work

50%   Tests/Essay

Papers will be taken for a late grade, the max grade being a 70. (not for P/AP)

Academic ECO will be assigned after 3 days of not turning in an assignment.

  1. Tutoring

I will be available for tutoring from 8:00 to 8:25 every morning

  1. Novels

Since the state has changed our end of the year test, I am going to have to change the novels we read for class.  The freshmen will now be taking the STAAR EOC test which will cover more expository pieces of writing.  Because of this we will be reading more nonfiction and fewer novels.


P/AP classes will cover the same material only at a deeper level.  Because of this need for deeper understanding there will be more homework in this class and more studying.  P/AP students will have to be more organized and focused in order to balance their time wisely.  Late work is not accepted in P/AP.