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This 2019-2020 year I will be teaching 
AP Chemistry
Pre-AP Chemistry
Anatomy & Physiology
All classes assignments will be on Google Classroom  this year. 
The classroom codes are:
1st Pre-AP Chem: 0elter5
AP Chem: qig30fq
Anatomy (before lunch): 99yyb8i
Anatomy (after lunch): i8p2xo
9th Pre-AP Chem: qdm67z4
PARENTS:You can join the Google classroom code so you can see what assignment is due and when they are scheduled.
Please select video on the right side of the page and it will open up a video on how to get to Google Classroom
If you need to contact me please e-mail me.
I do have a phone, but the phone is in another room and I never will hear it ring and I don't always check it. I always check my e-mail.